UK Antarctic Science Conference 2021

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The University of Edinburgh and the British Antarctic Survey are delighted to host the 2021 UK Online Antarctic Science Conference over Monday 22 to Thursday 25 March 2021. This is a replacement meeting for the cancelled 2020 meeting at the University of Edinburgh, and hence the first opportunity in 2.5 years for our UK Antarctic community to gather together and disseminate our latest research findings and intentions.

The main conference will run over four afternoons, incorporating oral and virtual poster presentations. We will intersperse the meeting with regular breakout rooms to facilitate as much interaction as possible in this virtual world!

We will also host side meetings during this week, either in the mornings or afternoons depending on numbers of speakers in the main conference. The side meetings will include a UK Polar Network session, and a session on Scoping for Future Antarctic Science Priorities run by the UK Arctic and Antarctic Partnership. For anyone concerned about zoom fatigue, we will assemble the schedule to allow some sensible dipping in and out of the meeting over the week.

We welcome contributions on any aspect of Antarctic Science, and look forward to seeing you all in late March.

For organisational enquiries please contact Robert Bingham.

Abstract Submission deadline: Friday 5 March 2021

Registration deadline: Monday 15 March 2021