Symposium to Honour the Life and Work of Dr Mike Thomson

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Symposium to Honour the Life and Work of Dr Mike Thomson: geologist, palaeontologist and polar pioneer.

About this Event

All are welcome to attend this online event to honour the life and work of Dr Mike Thomson. Please register HERE to attend.

Mike was one of the true pioneers of Antarctic geology and played a pivotal role in establishing geology as a critical discipline within the modern era of the British Antarctic Survey. An accomplished palaeontologist by training, he subsequently developed a wide range of geological and management skills in his role as Head of the Geological Sciences Division, a position that he held for over ten years. In this time geology was amalgamated with geophysics, major new international projects were initiated, and field studies developed far beyond the traditional stamping grounds on the Antarctic Peninsula.

A man is sitting in the snow




1. Jane Francis

Welcome, outline of the symposium & personal recollections


2. David Macdonald & Bob Pankhurst

Mike T – the man who dated the Antarctic Peninsula


3. Pete Clarkson & Phil Stone

Early days and Birmingham


4. Bryan Storey & John Smellie

BAS Cambridge & Head of Geological Sciences


Short Break


5. Ian Dalziel & David Elliot

International collaborations


6. Pete Rawson & Alistair Crame

Ammonites and other fossils


7. Chris Elliot

Tales from the John Biscoe


8. Open forum – chaired by Bruce Mair