Sounds of Space

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‘Sounds of Space’ – an art-science collaboration

Join British Antarctic Survey space weather scientist Nigel Meredith, artist-engineer Diana Scarborough and dancers Becky Byers and Felix Denton on a science-inspired journey of off-world sounds at the Cambridge Festival of Ideas

This FREE event includes an introduction to the ‘sounds of space’, an immersive new performance blending animation, space ‘sounds’, music and contemporary dance, and a panel discussion with Q&A.

The performance will take place on Friday 25th October at 7:00 pm at Storey’s Field Centre, Eddington. Tickets are free, but reservations are required – so if you’d like to come along please book here:

A variety of radio emissions are produced naturally on Earth and on other bodies throughout the solar system and beyond. These cannot be heard directly, but conversion to sound reveals a series of weird and wonderful noises known as the ‘sounds of space’. Our performance is designed to celebrate the beauty, wonder and context of these amazing, natural sounds.
Join us and embark on a visual and audio journey from Halley, Antarctica to beyond the galaxy!

About the presenters

Dr Nigel Meredith is a space weather scientist at British Antarctic Survey. He uses satellite data to develop global models of plasma waves in near Earth space for input into radiation belt codes and, ultimately, to forecast space weather.

Diana Scarborough is an artist-engineer whose multimedia practice is cross-discipline and collaborative. She takes inspiration from research that embraces concepts of data, code, sound, archival history, technology and environmental concerns and rephrases them from an art perspective.