‘Sounds of Space’ Performance

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“A multidisciplinary show combining scientific presentation with performance”

Join space weather research scientist Nigel Meredith, artist-engineer Diana Scarborough, leading Australian composer Kim Cunio and professional dancer Becky Byers for their collaboration on a science-inspired journey of off-world sounds. The event includes a scientific presentation, followed by a performance with animation, contemporary dance, music and soundscapes. A panel discussion with Q&A will follow after the performance.

What are ‘Sounds of Space’ ?

A variety of radio emissions are produced naturally on Earth and on other bodies throughout the solar system and beyond. These cannot be heard directly, but conversion to sound reveals the mesmerising and data rich ‘sounds of space’. Our ‘performance’ is designed to provoke a powerful emotional response that celebrates the beauty, wonder and context of the data-driven journey from Halley, Antarctica to beyond the galaxy.


Registration for this FREE EVENT is available via Eventbrite now. GET YOUR FREE TICKET HERE. Limited seats will be available. Should your plans to attend change we would be grateful if you return your ticket, as we will have a waitlist open for the event. ‘Sounds of Space’ can also be watched on our YouTube live feed from BAS.

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