PhysioMar 17: The Physiology of Aquatic Invertebrates in a Changing World

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This will be the fifth international PhysioMar conference that developed from a workshop organized by CIBNOR in La Paz, Mexico, in 2006.

There are five confirmed specialist sessions & two general sessions

The Keynote speakers include: Prof Marco Passamonti, Prof Sophie Breton, Prof Fredric Oliver, Prof Antonio Figueras, and Prof Balomero Olivera

The Scientific Sessions include:

– Role of mitochondria in environmental adaptation of aquatic invertebrates

– Parental and generational determinants of resilience to environmental change

– Larval physiology

– Technological advances

– Physiological & biochemical processes of chemically mediated interactions between organisms

– Reproduction

– Bioenergetics, growth and resilience


Registration Fee: £260

More information here:, Facebook & Twitter

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