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Join your local climate experts Drs Emily Shuckburgh, Heather Ford, Cameron Brick, Ella Gilbert, Ritwika Sengupta, and Dan Jones for a climate change conversation. The event is hosted by British Antarctic Survey, as part of Cambridge Science Festival

Tuesday 19 March: 6:00pm – 7:30pm

There will be a panel discussion with questions from the audience in person and anonymously using a mobile device (

Come and get personal with climate science!

Suitable for ages 15 +, spaces are free but booking is required here

Dr Emily Shuckburgh is a climate scientist and mathematician based at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS). She leads the national research programme on the Southern Ocean and its role in climate (ORCHESTRA), is deputy head of the Polar Oceans Tam and leads the Data Science Group at BAS.

Dr Heather Ford is a lecturer in the School of Geography at Queen Mary University of London. She is a palaeoceanographer

Dr Cameron Brick is a postdoc Research Associate at the Winton Centre for Risk and Evidence Communication in Maths, with a joint appointment in Psychology, at the University of Cambridge. He studies how people react to collective problems such as climate change. who undertakes geochemical analysis of microfossils from marine sediment to reconstruct past ocean conditions.

Ella Gilbert is a PhD student at the British Antarctic Survey, studying factors that affect the Larsen C iceberg.

Ritwika Sengupta is a PhD student at the University of Oxford, working on reconstruction of past climates, particularly continental climate, through geochemical analysis.

Dr Dan Jones is an oceanographer at the British Antarctic Survey, using numerical simulations and data analysis to study ocean circulation and how it may change in the future.