Join British Antarctic Survey at Climate Exp0 for COP26

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Online, free and open to all, Climate Exp0 is the first virtual conference from the COP26 Universities Network and the Italian University Network for Sustainable Development (RUS).

We are pleased to announce that British Antarctic Survey (BAS) is taking part in Climate Exp0 (17-21 May 2021) to showcase key polar science and the journey towards Net Zero. Registration for Climate Exp0 is now open (HERE).

Climate Exp0 Title Card

BAS director of science Prof. David Vaughan will deliver a presentation ‘International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration – reducing uncertainty in global sea-level projections’ about the importance of ongoing collaborative research to determine how much and how fast the unstable Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica will contribute to sea-level rise.

BAS marine benthic ecologist Dr Dave Barnes will deliver presentation ‘Climate mitigation through biological conservation; extensive blue carbon natural capital at Tristan da Cunha​’ during the ‘Nature-based Solutions research Showcase’ as part of the Nature-based Solutions theme day on 18 May.

BAS will also present posters at Climate Exp0, including:

  • ‘Reaching Net Zero in Antarctica’ (Anna Jones et al.)
  • ‘International collaborative science to support adaptation and resilience in Southern Ocean ecosystems’ (Nadine Johnston et al. & ICED Scientific Steering Committee) in ‘Adaptation and Resilience’ session on 20 May.
  • ‘Urgent assessment of Atlantic UKOTs blue carbon needed to protect low hanging fruit of climate mitigation’ (David Barnes et al.)
  • ‘Whole ecosystem science to support adaptation and resilience to climate change in the polar oceans’ (Susie Grant et al.) in ‘Adaptation and Resilience’ session on 20 May.

Climate Exp0 is the first virtual conference from the COP26 Universities Network and the Italian University Network for Sustainable Development (RUS), sponsored by UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)Cambridge University Press and the 2021 UN Climate Change Summit (COP26).

Running from 17-21 May 2021, it takes place at a critical juncture in the COP26 pre-meetings and negotiations, and is part of the All4Climate Italy 2021 official pre-COP26 initiatives.

The programme, now available online, features the latest thinking and most relevant international climate change and policy research across five themes including Green Recovery; Nature-based Solutions; Mitigation Solutions; Adaptation and Resilience; and Finance and Regulation.

Addressing one theme each day, Climate Exp0 showcases an impressive range of over 200 international speakers and contributors confirmed so far, joining together across a variety of sessions, ranging from keynotes and panel discussions, to roundtables, poster presentations and on-demand content.

The event marks a unique occasion at which global policymakers, academics, practitioners, students and members of the public will gather together to collaborate, share and debate climate change policy, ahead of the COP26 negotiations in November.

Register now (HERE) to join Climate Exp0, and help advance a resilient, zero-carbon world.​