Engagement seminar: Digital twinning for marine science fieldwork

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Engagement seminar: Digital Twinning: a new perspective for marine science fieldwork

This event is part of the activities of the UK Ocean Digital Twinning project, which aims at investigating digital twinning as a tool for increasing inclusivity in marine science.

This project is led by a subset of the Challenger Society EIDA working group and funded by NERC’s making environmental science equal, diverse, and inclusive programme.

In this BAS-hosted engagement seminar we will discuss digital twinning as a way to complement and enhance traditional marine science fieldwork.  A digital twin refers to a digital representation of a system via in situ and remotely sensed observations and/or models, and can include representations of data, processes, and perturbations of the system in question with time. Such techniques can be used to enhance and guide in-situ fieldwork activities, and also allows the useful participation of personnel not deployed to the field. Additionally, digital twins can improve fieldwork planning and staff preparation for fieldwork, just to name a few.

The seminar will be partially interactive, and anonymous polling will be used for perception gathering to inform the next stage of activities of the project.