Cambridge Science Festival: Remote Sensing in Antarctica evening talk

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Ever wondered how technology helps to keep Polar Science moving? Join British Antarctic Survey’s Andrew Fleming to discover how space-borne technologies, ranging from ice charts, to satellite imagery, sea ice forecasts and surveillance by small drones, have revolutionised marine operations in the polar regions. Booking is required.

His FREE talk ‘Ships, Ice and Satellites: Keeping Polar Science Moving’ is on Thursday 22nd March at 7:30-8:30 in Mill Lane Lecture Rooms.

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Andrew Fleming is the remote sensing manager for the British Antarctic Survey where he leads the application of remote sensing methods to science and operations projects. He has been Manager of Polar View activities in the Antarctic since 2004, which develops and delivers near-real-time sea ice information to users operating in both polar regions. He also plays a key role in the related Copernicus Marine Service, ICEMAR, Polar Ice FP7, ESA ArcticSat, H2020 EU-PolarNet and leads the ESA Polar Thematic Exploitation Platform projects.

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