Beneath Our Feet

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British Antarctic Survey at Science Uncovered, Hidden Worlds


Natural History Museum, London

Friday 30 September, 16.00 – 22.00 – Free admission

Come and see land beneath Antarctica. BEDMAP is a close-up view of the landscape beneath the Antarctic icesheet and incorporates decades of survey data acquired by planes, satellites, ships and even researchers on dog-drawn sleds.  Research beneath Antarctica’s vast ice sheets has revealed an unseen world of canyons, lakes trenches and mountains ranges the size of the Alps, lakes bigger than Windermere, rivers, streams and ancient volcanoes.  Antarctica is a remarkable continent – remote, hostile and uninhabited. This frozen continent is key to understanding how our world works, and our impact upon it. Antarctica is important for science because of its profound effect on the Earth’s climate and ocean systems.  Find out more about the science stations exhibiting at the event  from