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British Antarctic Survey is delighted to be working with STEM Learning for Protecting Our Planet Day 2022.


Thursday 10 November 2022.

Protecting Our Planet is an inspiring, live-streamed event for primary and secondary schools.  The event will feature live link-ups and talks full of inspiration and exciting classroom activities from innovators and experts working to tackle climate change challenges.

Highlights include:

  • A unique opportunity to say hello to Captain Will Whatley live from RRS Sir David Attenborough, one of the most advanced polar research vessels in the world, providing scientists with a  floating laboratory to research the oceans, seafloor, ice and atmosphere. You can come aboard this amazing ship with this virtual tour and discover how its science missions will help us live with and adapt to climate change.
  • Join a live session with researchers at Rothera Research Station on the Antarctic Peninsula.  Find out what its like to live and work on an Antarctic research station, what research the scientists are doing right now, and what life is like on the Antarctic continent during the harsh winter months.

PROTECTING OUR ICE   09:30 to 10:10 GMT

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Meet two British Antarctic Survey scientists, Nadia Frontier and Jo Cole, who are living and working in Antarctica right now! Nadia is a marine biologist, whose research is helping us to learn more about ocean-living species in Antarctica, and how they are being affected by climate change. Jo is a meteorologist and gathers information about the atmosphere and climate in Antarctica, to learn more about the effects of climate change.

RRS Sir David Attenborough at the wharf at Rothera Research Station. Credit: William Clark


Emma Bolton diving underneath sea ice at Rothera
A year-round diving programme at Rothera Research Station enhances marine biodiversity studies. Credit: Joe Marlow


13:45 – 14:.20 GMT

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Be inspired by engineer Rad Sharma in this career session, and learn about her career path from school to working for British Antarctic Survey on innovative projects protecting our planet.

Rad is a Mechanical Engineer at British Antarctic Survey (BAS). As part of the Antarctic Marine Engineering team, she works with scientists to understand their requirements, and then designs, assembles, tests and deploys equipment as needed. Since science at BAS consists of new ideas and extreme environments, her team helps to fill the gap between what the scientists want to survey and achieving that! BAS engineers can be deployed to the ship, stations and field sites.


These sessions will demonstrate how you too can follow a career path where you can tackle climate change and work on cutting-edge research and environmental projects protecting our planet

Britain has been a world leader in polar exploration and research for over a century and RRS Sir David Attenborough will keep Britain at the forefront of world-leading research in Antarctica and the Arctic. Today, studying these remote regions is crucial in helping us understand changes in our planet’s oceans, marine life and climate system. The Polar Regions may be at the ends of the Earth but what happens there affects us all.

Commissioned by UK Research and Innovation, and operated by British Antarctic Survey (BAS), RRS Sir David Attenborough will be available year-round to the UK research community

Check out the sessions page and find out more about the  full programme for the day.