Antarctica Week 2018 – For UK schools

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Opportunity for UK schools to link up with polar experts during ‘Antarctica Week’, 3 – 7 December 2018.

What BAS is offering:

An opportunity to talk to a member of BAS staff or the UK Polar research community on weekdays from 3-7 December to celebrate Antarctica Day on 1st December.

This year we are excited to announce that in addition to BAS staff we are offering UK schools the opportunity to speak to scientists participating in the International Thwaites Glacier Collaboration. This new UK-US collaboration aims to study Thwaites Glacier in West Antarctica to reduce the uncertainty in how it is contributing to global sea-level rise.

If you’re keen to engage your students in why polar research matters and what it’s like living and working in Antarctica then please book a slot. We are offering the following event which comprises:

  • A phone call with a researcher or member of staff who’s in Antarctica at one of the British Antarctic Survey stations or who has experience working in Antarctica (sorry but Skype isn’t possible due to bandwidth)
  • 45-minute slots available daily at 10.00am and 11.00am GMT
  • Photos of the Antarctic stations plus biographies of the people your pupils have a chance to chat to and ask questions
  • Format includes: a short 10 minute introduction from your ‘Antarctic educator’ then time for questions – please get your pupils involved in advance!

If you’d like to participate please follow these instructions:

Fill in a registration form here by Friday 9 November at 17:00 GMT.

The following details will be required:

  • Teacher or contact name
  • Name of the school
  • Age of the pupils
  • Number of pupils who would attend the talk
  • Telephone number to call on the day

We know this opportunity is likely to be over-subscribed so please try to have a minimum of 30 pupils for your slot so we can reach as many young people as possible! We encourage you to merge classes or get the whole school involved where possible.

Please note: as this event is likely to be over-subscribed we will be prioritising schools who have not participated before.

Antarctica Day was inaugurated in 2010 to celebrate the 1st December 1959 signature of the Antarctic Treaty, which was adopted “with the interests of science and the progress of all mankind.” Antarctica Day was initiated by the Foundation for the Good Governance of International Spaces as an annual event to build global awareness of this landmark institution, celebrating this milestone of peace in our civilization with hope and inspiration for future generations.