Antarctica: Mystery of the ice

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Join climate scientist and #SciComm expert Ella Gilbert online for ‘Antarctica: Mystery of the ice’ at BAS Live, 2:00pm, Thursday 18 June 2020.

Antarctica, the world’s most southerly continent, contains 90% of the world’s ice. It’s of great interest to scientists as the edges are melting as our planet warms. Giant rivers of ice have formed enormous floating ice shelves, hundreds of metres thick. But how is climate change affecting these tongues of ice – and why do we care? In this talk with British Antarctic Survey scientist Ella Gilbert, you can find out:

·         Why an ice shelf is like a sandwich

·         The unexpected ways that ice shelves affect sea-level rise

·         What it’s like to fly along the edge of an ice shelf


See you there!

BAS Live, 2:00pm, Thursday 18 June 2020 

(Note – Refresh your browser at 2:00pm if the event video does not show on your screen!)