Leisure Activities at Halley September 2004

30 September, 2004

September saw the end of the second series of the TV serial 24. What will we do on Monday evenings now? As you can see below there is plenty to choose from. Our leisure time at Halley was briefly interrupted by shortages of Ketchup and Tea bags. A small supply of tea bags found in the Drewry building and Tommo and Simon making some Tomato Ketchup using their own secret recipe have averted this disaster. We seem to have used about 25,000 tea bags this winter.

With the extra hours of daylight and the milder weather all the recreational kites at Halley have been out this month.

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The Film & TV evening gave the more gregarious amongst us to dress up as their favourite film or TV character. As you can see Futurarma was almost a theme. The evening started with a special meal each dish had a film or TV association cooked by Tommo. The crowning glory was The “Titanic disaster” cake complete with iceberg.

We have a well-equipped gym at Halley all squeezed into a tiny space. Outdoor activities like running, Cross country skiing and Man hauling sledges are starting to increase this time of the year.

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Weather permitting Golf has become a feature of Sunday afternoons.

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