Halley Diary — October 2012

31 October, 2012

Life at Windy Bay caboose during the last month of winter

A Caboose is a small living container, sitting on sledge at Windy Bay. It was home for me during October. The Caboose has all the luxury elements for example: four beds and tiny kitchen area. It is shelter from wind and has more room than in the pyramid tent. You are able to even stand up. Windy Bay is located 35km straight line from new Halley VI base.

The bay is home to Emperor Penguins. Windy Bay was the main winter trip location because of icebergs, broken off headlands and of course penguins. Because of icebergs and broken off headlands, the bay was a more interesting area than it has been in many years.

Windy Bay has got its name for good reason because it is always windy, sometimes wind gets very strong, more than 40 knots. When the weather was bad, the caboose was a comfortable shelter and a place to chill out while the weather cleared.

When the weather was good and sunny like, it was time to explore the icy and snowy wonderland. Windy Bay is wonderful place to visit. Climbing up icebergs, ice climbing, sitting next to penguins, walking around and manhauling were activities for us in Windy. This season Windy Bay gave us pristine and untouched environment to explore and it is never going to be the same. That is something special and something that not many people are able to experience.

October was the last month of the winter. Base duties consisted of raising fuel dumps and drumlines between Halley V, Creek 3 and Windy Bay. As well as fixing things ready for the summer season. At Halley VI base, we had some nice evenings with restaurant themes and the last wintering BBQ.

Field Assistant 2012
Sanna Kallio