Golf Tournament

15 April, 2004 Rothera

Bransfield Open

By Adam Thornhill

Saturday evenings can get very repetitive with the same people, the same room and the same Bar. Not to say, we have any less fun than any one else, we just have to find, and build our own entertainment! The idea began over dinner one day, with the conversation moving onto the old set of Golf Clubs we had cluttering up the place over the summer. There was to be a 9 hole crazy golf competition around the main building at Rothera; Bransfield House, that Saturday. Preparation began with 9 people designing their own Hole, and everyone having to make themselves a putter for the evening! 5 Golf Balls were scraped together (Where from I do not know!), the holes were ready, the competition was to begin!!

Cyril, our very own French Chef, prepared a beautiful Buffet and the 1st Hole: ‘Millets Mullet’. Everyone picked team tags. I was to play on the Green team with Scotty and Hamish. We teed off Second, behind the Blue team. After a few shaky shots for most players, people began to settle into their stride, sometimes managing a hole in less than 20 shots!

The Second Hole on the Course was the ‘Forecasting frolics’. The well devised ‘Raised Hole’ gave people more problems than was first thought. Maybe it was just the flashing lights and the loud music coming from the BC’s Office where the hole was situated.

Next up was the longest hole in the Course, The ‘Tower Of Terror’. Lining up your shot from the ‘well prepared’ tee in the tower, you followed the course, 3 floors down to the base, over a bridge, into a tent and then pot the ball into a Plastic Climbing Boot! All this in a Par 9?

A few tricky holes were still to come. Jools using his skills in the Chippy shop to produce ‘The Hypno Gyro’ and the ‘Death Slam’, a tricky course, which gained itself a Par 20 by the end of the night! A tricky little number! The Doc had prepared the Gym for some proper exercise, putting your ball along the downward moving treadmill, then through into a somewhat medical hole. Next up was the ‘Food Bay Fiasco’, a Dan Smale Par 1 special, where you had to launch your ball off a ramp and into the mouth of a hungry weddell seal! Simple if you know how!

Upstairs to the Pit Room long pot, down the long corridor then through into the library, for some reading and relaxation, before finishing of on the 10th Hole (A little bit of a miscalculation in preparing the course!) in the bar. A good night enjoyed by all, and the garage just proving they’re the boys to see when making top quality golf clubs!