28 February, 2004


The Laurence M Gould made her annual visit to Rothera this month. We are doing collaborative science with this USAP research vessel. Their LTER program ties in with our oceanographic and biological monitoring Time-Series (RaTS). Apart from exchanging useful data we also took the opportunity to perform cross calibrations with our respective CTDs. The visit from The Gould also allowed a little bit of friendly R&R. The ship and the base exchanged personnel for the day and in the evening we held a Burns Supper followed by an energetic Ceilidh in Bransfield House. Fun was had by all, and the poor American girls were still reeling when they were rounded up back on their ship.

Prior to the departure of our air unit, it is traditional to have a folk night. This year was no exception and the creative juices from summering Rotherites exploded on the stage in Foulks House. Acts, skits, game shows, poems, silly dancing, bad jokes, Maggie Peek’s handbag, cross dressing (any excuse), guitar axe hero poses, animal impersonations and of course The Kebabs playing live and direct were applauded on this very popular night on the Rothera calendar.


All hands were required to help with last call from The Shackleton. Food, fuel and the essential winterer’s bonds were off-loaded.

Whilst The Shack was here, a film production company made the most of the good weather and shot 4 days worth of filming.

It is another tradition for all the winterers who are staying at Rothera to dress smart and attend the Captain’s table… (well OK, booth).

Waitress service was provided and we enjoyed a wonderful 3-course meal washed down with fine wines. Afterwards, we relaxed in the lounge with cheese and biscuits. In the morning there was an exchange of a few last few farewells, ‘good-riddances’ and snowballs amongst newly-boarded passengers and the Rothera ‘wintering elite’.

Inevitably, the ship pulled away from the wharf and left 23 of us standing there wondering what to do next… two days of ‘scrub-out’ as it happened!