Our HR strategy

Supporting Science and Operations deliver excellence

Our strategic aim is to ensure that we continue to deliver professional and enabling Human Resources services that are aligned with BAS scientific and operational strategic priorities.

The strategy recognises that our staff are fundamental to BAS achieving its ambition to deliver world class, innovative science within the international Polar community and maintain our national and international reputation for scientific, operational and engineering excellence.


BAS operates in an increasingly complex and dynamic environment. Many factors in the physical, political, economic, social and technical world can affect our ability to achieve excellence and be responsive to a competitive market.

BAS scientific and operational aims necessitate high levels of expertise across a particularly broad range of disciplines and scales. These require both longstanding capability developed within BAS, the attraction of new talent, and continuous development of new skills as science and technology advances.

Our overall aim is to attract, support and retain the best talent in a positive culture that promotes respect, values diversity and recognises excellence. This is reflected in three key strategic people aims and supporting goals as outlined below:

  • Aim 1: Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent
  • Aim 2: Develop a positive, inclusive and supporting work environment
  • Aim 3: Promote, champion and support leadership and high-quality management in both research and operations

Our People Strategy involves developing a stronger organisational culture whose success will depend on leadership at all levels, together with widespread commitment to the vision, and collaborative action throughout the organisation.

Everyone has a part to play in making BAS a great place to work.