History of Fossil Bluff (Station KG)


Position: Lat. 71° 20′ S, Long. 68° 17′ W
General location: Fossil Bluff, Alexander Island


Survey, geology, glaciology and field geophysics. Advanced station for field parties from Stonington Island (Station E), Adelaide (Station T) and Rothera (Station R). Now a forward logistics facility with skiway.


Intermittently 20 Feb 1961 to present.

Occupied during the winters of 1961, 1962, 1969-75. Closed for the 1976 winter when Rothera (Station R) became fully operational. Occupied intermittently for summer seasons since then. Supplied overland from Stonington Island (Station E) and later by air from Adelaide (Station T) and Rothera.


Established by air Feb 1961. Relieved by Muskeg tractor trains bringing vehicles and stores from Base E, Stonington Island, Nov 1961 and Oct 1962. The main hut was named Bluebell Cottage. Sledge store lean-to on south end of hut, generator shed on north end. Porch added 1970. Feb 1971 extension built for a workshop. Foundations shored-up due to erosion of the moraine in 1970 (retaining wall and terrace), further work 1982. As ice has receded the location of the hut has become more exposed on the edge of a steep scree slope. 1968-69 temporary shelter used in the absence of a garage and in 1970 a plastic shelter was provided. Store hut erected 1972/73. 1973/74 garage erected to replace the plastic shelter, which was moved and re-erected as a store for a number of years. Generator hut (date unclear).

Field huts

A caboose was part of the tractor train from Base E in 1962. It was used as mobile accommodation (towed by Muskeg) for glaciological field parties 1971-74. A small hut was erected at Spartan Cwm (date not clear) to support glaciological studies there and a 2nd larger hut in 1974. The latter became a living hut, the older structure a store.

Current status

Forward fuel depot, facility for re-fuelling aircraft and field station for parties from Rothera (Station R) during austral summers. Site was cleaned-up by BAS during the 2002/03 and 2003/04 seasons.

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Fossil Bluff hut, with boxes of supplies in the foreground, 1971-72. (Photographer: unknown; Archives ref: AD6/19/3/C/KG5)
Fossil Bluff hut, with boxes of supplies in the foreground, 1971-72. (Photographer: unknown; Archives ref: AD6/19/3/C/KG5)