History of Cape Geddes (Station C)


Cape Geddes was the second station to have the designation C, and was established to replace Sandefjord Bay (Station C), which had been erected the previous year.


Position: Lat. 60° 41′ S, Long. 44° 34′ W
General location: Ferguslie Peninsula, Laurie Island, South Orkney Islands.

Cardinall House, Base C, 1946 (Archives ref: AD6/19/2/E404/36)
Cardinall House, Base C, 1946 (Archives ref: AD6/19/2/E404/36)


Meteorology and survey.


21 Jan 1946 – 17 Mar 1947.

Closed when Signy Island Station (Station H) was established.


The hut was named Cardinall House after Sir Alan Cardinall, Governor of the Falkland Islands in 1946.

Current status

Closed. Used periodically by Argentine personnel from Orcadas Station as a bird hide and field refuge. Following an inspection in Mar 2007 BAS decided that removing the hut would cause greater disturbance to wildlife than leaving it in situ.