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What is RSS?

Current BAS RSS Feeds

What is RSS?

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is an XML format designed for sharing web content like news headlines. If that previous sentence didn’t make any sense to you don’t fret! RSS is just a way of sharing information. An RSS service (also known as an RSS channel or RSS feed) consists of a list of items, each of which contains a headline, description, and a link to a web page.

How do I use RSS?

To use RSS, you will need a special RSS news reader or aggregator that will allow you to collect and display RSS service. RSS news readers allow you to view the service you select all together in the same place and, by automatically retrieving updates, stay current with new content soon after it is published.

News Readers and Aggregators

That last section might have made sense except for the news reader and aggregator part. A news reader is a piece of software that lets you view these RSS feeds. The advantage is that you could get BAS Job Updates using the same program you read BBC RSS feeds. It’s sort of like a console for the news and information that you want with no additional clutter.

There are many different news readers available, many for free. Most news readers are applications that you download and install. Some others are web-based service you sign-up for that work inside your browser. Many web services such as Google and Yahoo allow you to view RSS feeds and a search on either of their search engines will reveal a wide list of news reading programs. Many web browsers also let you bookmark RSS feeds. These bookmarks will automatically be kept up to date while you are connected to the internet.

News readers? Aggregators? This is too much! Help!

RSS isn’t for everyone. RSS allows you to control information how you want it, it isn’t meant to replace our standard content distribution channels. You can still view press releases and job vacancies without knowing what RSS even is. For every RSS feed we still provide the information in our regular format. Even you like the idea of RSS then give it a try. BAS will be providing feeds for all of our major information sources.