Communications Officer

The Communications Officers is a vital role within our Antarctic team as they provide the communications service to field operations and operations on station. There are opportunities for this role both at our Rothera and Halley VI Research Stations.

About the role

Working as part of the tower operations team, the Communication Officers provide an accurate and effective flow of information to ensure the safety and efficiency of BAS field and station operations.
The post holder for this role must have the ability to communicate clearly and concisely, both in person and over radio and satellite communications systems. They need to remain calm and accurate under pressure, maintain good situational awareness, and remain vigilant for any safety issues that may arise.
During the summer season the operations tower runs 7 days a week, and work is dictated by weather and operational tempo. Work is on a shift pattern and may require working antisocial hours.


  • Passing and receiving messages and weather information.
  • Aircraft flight following.
  • Scheduled calls with Field parties.
  • Initial response to Major Incidents, receiving distress or Mayday calls.
  • Support to station operations, small boats, vehicles etc.
  • Submitting flight plans using AFTN/AFPEX system.
  • Operating VHF/HF radios and satellite phone systems.
  • To assist in other duties as required by the Director of BAS.

Who can apply?

This role requires a clear communicator with HF/VHF Radio Operation experience.


You can find the full job description and skills specification for this role here: Communications Officer – Job Description

Vacancies are advertised from January to March.  Check out latest vacancies.

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