Antarctic marine biodiversity challenged by global change: the CAML/SCAR-MarBIN benchmark

There is now undisputed evidence that climate change and modifications of the Earth system occurs, at faster rates in the polar regions. Among the many consequences we will be facing, the loss of biodiversity is probably of highest concern. CAML and SCAR-MarBIN are striving to provide the baseline information needed to assess the potential impact of climate change on Antarctic marine biodiversity. Through strong science plans, efficient data management and an unprecedented collaborative research effort within the IPY framework, CAML and SCAR-MarBIN intend to provide to scientists, environmental managers and decision-makers a sound benchmark against which future changes can reliably be assessed. This paper gives a brief description of the project’s synergies.


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Authors: Danis, Bruno, Brandt, Angelika, Gutt, Julian, Koubbi, Philippe, Rodhouse, Paul, Wadley, Victoria, De Broyer, Claude

Editors: Cardinal, D., Lipiatou, E.

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1 January, 2007
In: Cardinal, D., Lipiatou, E. (eds.). Polar environment and climate: the challenges. Conference proceedings, International symposium, Brussels, March 2007. European research in the context of the International Polar Year, Brussels, European Commission, 132-133.