Oct-Nov – New arrivals

15 November, 2004 BAS Bloggers

Rothera Diary, October/November 2004 After a fantastic winter at Rothera, the onset of spring and summer brings many new arrivals to the base. With the busy summer season due to …

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June – Mid-Winter

30 June, 2004 BAS Bloggers

Rothera Diary, June 2004 By Andy Miller June was an eventful and significant month for the twenty-three of us. It heralded the winter’s austral solstice. This marks the shortest day …

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May – Winter begins

30 May, 2004 BAS Bloggers

Rothera Diary, May 2004 After the swift departure of April, we felt that winter would take hold in a brusque manner, but apart from the rapidly shortening days, the weather …

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April – Fool!

30 April, 2004 BAS Bloggers

Rothera Diary – April 2004 By Adam Thornhill It is amazing how fast a month can go! Especially down here in the Antarctic. April was meant to have been the …

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Dans Birthday

28 April, 2004 BAS Bloggers

Birthday Boy By Dan Smale My 22nd birthday proved somewhat different to those that have passed before. I guess it was just coincidence but it did turn out to be …

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Winter Trip

20 April, 2004 BAS Bloggers

Sledge Golf After a few days of pretty rough weather and a reasonable amount of snowfall, Dougal, my ever ready Field Assistant, and I finally made it up onto the …

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The Shack returns

15 April, 2004 BAS Bloggers

The Shack Returns. By Fin O’Sullivan. The beginning of the winter season was the departure of RRS Shackleton in mid March. This left the 23 winterers to get on with …

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