Research theme: Space Weather

The polar regions provide a unique vantage point from which we have observed our upper atmosphere and its interaction with the space environment for more than 50 years.  We use this vantage point, to quantify and minimise the risk of extreme space weather events on terrestrial (e.g., power distribution networks) and space infrastructure (e.g., satellites) by observing space weather, quantifying its variability, understanding the processes involved, and building diagnostic and predictive models.

Research achievements

  • ground-breaking statistical analyses to predict the likelihood of the most damaging space storms
  • development and verification of the BAS Radiation Belt Model (BAS-RBM), licenced to the UK Met Office to allow real-time operational space weather forecasts.
  • significant improvements in our understanding of the Earth’s van Allen radiation belts and the processes by which solar flux influences weather on Earth
  • use of our data by the satellite operators, space insurers and designers to improve satellite design