Multibeam sonar

RRS Sir David Attenborough

A new polar ship for Britain

Science teams use this technology to locate schools of fish, whales and other species living at different depths underwater. Acoustic signals sent into the water by the transducer are reflected by individuals or groups of animals, allowing for biomass estimation. The multi-frequency echosounder on the RRS Sir David Attenborough will also allow for the identification of different species.

The RRS Sir David Attenborough will be equipped with the following echo-sounding equipment for biological and geophysical studies both in the deep ocean and in shallower waters:

  • EM 122 Deep water multibeam system
  • EM 712 Medium depth multibeam system
  • TOPAS PS 18 Sub bottom profiler
  • EA 640 Scientific echo sounder
  • EK 80 Biological multi-frequency echo sounder
  • ME 70 Biological multibeam echo sounder
  • MS 70 Biological multibeam echo sounder
  • SH 94 Omni direction sonar
  • SX 94 Forward looking sonar (Omni directional)
  • K-Sync Synchronisation unit

The multibeam mapping systems will be ice-protected to ensure their reliability and accuracy in polar regions. The systems will be integrated to provide the maximum benefits of integrated datasets to researchers.