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To celebrate Earth Day 2020, BAS AURORA welcomes scientist and musician Steve Garrett to perform his newest collaborative science-music piece.

Steve performs music inspired by landscape and exploration, culminating in his newest work ‘Song of the Ice’. Working together with several BAS scientists, Steve has built on his Antarctic, science, technology and music experience to bring an innovative collaborative project to life. The new music, accompanied by video and imagery, is in three parts reflecting the life of the ice sheet:

1. ‘Left Isolated’: the last 150 million years – other continents move away, ending with Antarctica left alone, surrounded by the circumpolar current with the ice sheet forming.

2. ‘The Song of the Ice’: the last 30 million years — the ice sheet forms and moves, accompanied by the sounds of the ice from microseismic data and sound recordings gathered by BAS.

3. ’Breath’: the last 0.8 million years — the rise and fall of C02 in ice cores converted from parts per million to sound frequency and a musical theme, with a ‘spike’ at the end reflecting recent conditions.

About Steve: Guitarist re-imagining jazz, folk, rock and classical music. Born in London, he has lived and travelled across the UK, Antarctica and North America, and now calls Scotland home. As an earth scientist with the British Antarctic Survey from 1981-87, he led three seasons of airborne fieldwork investigating the crustal structure of the Antarctic Peninsula and West Antarctica, leading to a PhD and several publications in major international journals, marking a transition of the work from ‘survey’ to ‘science’. More recently, he has released solo guitar albums ‘Even Song’ (2015) and ‘Discover and Endure’ (2019), along with the acoustic duo EP ‘In Arden’ (2019), all of which have been received well by UK jazz, folk and roots online magazines and radio stations.

Find out more on his website.

Tickets for the general public are £10 and available to purchase here.

Any additional questions on this event please contact Pilvi Muschitiello ([email protected]).

Accessibility information:

The BAS Aurora Innovation Centre, where this event is held, has two accessible parking bays right outside its main entrance. There is step-free access to the building, and the public areas of the building are wheelchair accessible. There are also wheelchair accessible toilets on both floors, and a lift to access all floors. For any other queries or more specific accessibility information please contact us at [email protected].