Combined characterisation of GOME and TOMS total ozone measurements from space using ground-based observations from the NDSC

Several years of total ozone measured from space by the ERS-2 GOME, the Earth Probe TOMS, and the ADEOS TOMS, are compared with high-quality ground-based observations associated with the Network for the Detection of Stratospheric Change (NDSC), over an extended latitude range and a variety of geophysical conditions. The comparisons with each spaceborne sensor are combined altogether for investigating their respective solar zenith angle (SZA) dependence, dispersion, and difference of sensitivity. The space- and ground-based data are found to agree within a few percent on average. However, the analysis highlights for both GOME and TOMS several sources of discrepancies: (i) a SZA dependence with TOMS beyond 80° SZA; (ii) a seasonal SZA dependence with GOME beyond 70° SZA; (iii) a difference of sensitivity with GOME at high latitudes; (iv) a difference of sensitivity to low ozone values between satellite and SAOZ sensors around the southern tropics; (v) a north/south difference of TOMS with the ground-based observations; and (vi) internal inconsistencies in GOME total ozone


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Authors: Lambert, J.-C., Van Roozendael, M., Simon, P.C., Pommereau, J.-P., Goutail, F., Gleason, J.F., Andersen, S.B., Arlander, D.W., Bui Van, N.A., Claude, H., de La Noë, J., De Mazière, M., Dorokhov, V., Eriksen, P., Green, A., Karlsen Tørnkvist, K., Kåstad Høiskar, B.A., Kyrö, E., Leveau, J., Merienne, M.-F., Milinevsky, G., Roscoe, H.K., Sarkissian, A., Shanklin, J.D., Stähelin, J., Wahlstrøm Tellefsen, C., Vaughan, G.

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1 January, 2000
Advances in Space Research / 26
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