Staff education and operational changes in energy consumption

BAS realises the importance of staff involvement in its efforts to reduce energy consumption and has made some steps towards implementing changes. Technological initiatives to reduce energy consumption can ensure that many processes and activities are managed to optimise their energy use. However, they also require support from staff if maximum energy savings are to be gained. There are also many activities where simple changes made to management or operational procedures will provide significant savings for little or no cost.

In order for BAS to ensure that staff are aware of the carbon reduction strategy and sustainable energy actions, a communication and training programme has been developed. Its aim is to provide staff with the necessary tools, information and training to ensure that they are aware of best practice for reducing energy use and to ensure that operational activities are optimised for minimum fuel use.

The education and communication campaign for staff involves: staff seminars, educational posters, promotional items as well as improvements to inductions and intranet Webpages. As a result of this an ‘Energy and Environmental Champions’ group, involving representatives from key groups in each BAS division, has been set up to improve communication and implement the necessary operational changes needed to reduce energy use.

This educational and communication programme will be combined with reviews of operational and management procedures to ensure optimal sustainable energy outcomes. Including:

  • Ensuring energy use is considered when purchasing equipment or goods
  • Implementing BAS Travel Plan and encouraging sustainable travel for work