Monitoring and reporting energy consumption

In order to make effective and productive decisions on the use of energy from BAS activities, the monitoring and recording of energy consumption on Antarctic stations, ships and at Cambridge is essential. Long term monitoring will provide data sets and records to demonstrate financial savings and reductions in energy use that will also meet legislative and political requirements.

Some progress is already underway as BAS is working towards creating an overall electronic energy and carbon data management system that will consist of data from all of BAS’s key energy consuming areas and activities, including travel data, in order to enable continuous monitoring and reporting. As part of this system, new electronic and automatic sub-metering has already been implemented that will indicate areas of high energy consumption and highlight those areas requiring improved measures. Further action is still needed to unify the monitoring and reporting systems and integrate them with the Environmental Management System in order to provide transparent environmental reporting on an ongoing basis without adding to existing administrative burdens.

Reports are provided to the BAS Board every year, detailing energy use and progress towards the targets and objectives of this strategy. In addition to this, carbon emission figures for BAS are published in the NERC annual environmental accounts.